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Things to know about Yorkie Pom pups

The tiny Yorkie Pom puppy is a purebred puppy but is obtained from crossing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy with a Pomeranian puppy, resulting in a wonderful and lovable puppy that inherit very beautiful traits from both parents. The Yorkie Pom puppy is a designer breed, it is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

The physical traits of the little Yorkie Pom puppy

The Yorkie Pom puppy is a small and very small sympathetic reaching to measure a few centimetres and weigh a few pounds at maturity. The tiny Yorkie Pom has a fluffy and silky fur, can have a variety of colours such as beige, tan, brown and others as well as colour combinations. Small, compact and downy, the Yorkie Pom stands out with small and gentle eyes that give the appearance of a toy puppy.

The Yorkie Pom puppy’s temperament

The Yorkie Pom is a very affectionate and loving puppy, you can adopt him to your family, especially with children and the master whom he loves and whom he is loyal and devoted. The Yorkie Pom puppy is playful and lively, he likes to run and to play. Being a vigorous fire he needs long walks and exercises to not get bored and so to develop behaviour problems. Being very devoted to his master and he becomes meaningless when separated from his owner for a long time and can even develop separation anxiety. It is therefore recommended that the separation of master even for a few hours a day to do it gradually, so as he will get used to the feeling and suffering to be as normal as it can be.

The Yorkie Pom is a smart puppy making it easily to be trained. Being a playful nature he will easily learn specific exercises and fun tricks that executes with great pleasure. The Yorkie Pom is a puppy with a very sweet temperament and character which makes it a perfect companion for everyone, both children and the elderly.

The living, the care and the nutrition of the Yorkie Pom puppy

The Yorkie Pom puppy is specially designed for living in the apartment. He is quite sensitive to extreme temperatures and needs a balanced environment and the protection, care and attention.

The tiny Yorkie Pom's coat needs daily brushing, especially inherits a beautiful coat from his parents, and especially the little Pomeranian fur, so it must be carefully groomed. Brushing will prevent tangles and will remove dirt that little puppy‘s fur gathers during walks. Also brushing will keep the coat beautiful and also the puppy healthy. The bathing should not be done too often as it will lead to degradation and the shedding of the coat and to a dry skin. Dry shampoo is recommended for cleaning and hygiene. Cutting nails and ear cleaning should be done regularly. Particular attention it requires dental care. Being a little puppy toy Yorkie Pom puppy is prone to dental disease and to the premature loss of teeth. This can be prevented with proper hygiene and proper nutrition. The puppy needs brushing and possibly professional dental cleaning when necessary.

Regarding the food, dry food will maintain the healthy teeth, will cleanse and prevent tartar. In addition a high quality dry food will bring the puppy the intake of nutrients needed for energy and to be healthy.

About the Yorkie Pom puppy’s health

The tiny Yorkie Pom has the advantage of being a hybrid race and that keeps him away from health problems. That's because if the crossing resulting the puppy is executed properly, he will not be born with health problems or predispositions to certain diseases. To be sure, it is better to buy the puppy only from authorized breeders using for breeding only perfect specimens of perfect healthy and physically. In otherwise, the baby will inherit many conditions of that bad genetic trait. A licensed breeder of purebred puppies is Affordable Pup selling Yorkie Pom puppies in Ohio and nearby cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown.

Affordable Pup puppies are raised in healthy conditions and have all the attention, care and love needed to be healthy and happy.