The Team

Meet Our Family

Bea Sharrock - Kennel Manager, Groomer

Bea has worked with affordable pups for the last 8 years; she has been nothing but a gift from above! She gives the puppies amazing care and attention not to mention her best asset which is her ability to clean. She keeps the kennel so clean that our whole staff could eat and sleep in it!!! If you have any concern about how your puppies are being treated prior to departure have no worries your new baby is in the best hands possible. You will not find anyone out there who cares as much about the puppies as Bea does; she would do anything for them, treating them like her own children!

Matthew Packard - General Manager

Matthew has a bachelor’s degree from Judson University with a double major in Management and Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene University; He has been with Affordable Pups since late 2007. Mathew has grown up around dogs his whole life. His first dog was a Yorkie named Teddy. After Teddy Matthew had a Shih Tzu named Bailey. Currently Matthew has Rottweiler named Serena. When he completed his MBA degree he joined the Affordable Pups family as the Chief Operating Officer. Matthew oversees all the aspects of the daily business operations at Affordable Pups. Matthew also is heading our design team to develop a designer clothing line for puppies. We expect that the first line should be ready by Spring 2010. Matthew is a man who loves dogs and is ready to answer any questions you may have about our puppies.

Steve Lesmes - Sales

Steven has a bachelor's degree in Sports Management from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and is currently working on his Masters of Education. He is originally from Buffalo, NY and now resides in Johnstown, OH.

Steven grew up loving dogs and the joy of being around them. His first dog was a black lab named Katie which was his best friend growing up as a kid. When Katie passed he was devastated only to get another black lab named Roxy. Roxy was out of control for the most part but a good match for his energy. He is now the proud owner of our beautiful Rottweiler Serena and takes her for a 3mile run every day. Steven is thrilled about the opportunity here at affordable pup and is going to be a great addition to our team!!

Anthony Jackson - Kennel Advisor - Online Marketing - Sales

Anthony has a bachelor's degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University; he has now been with affordable pups since 2010. Anthony enjoys spending time in the kennel and ensuring that every puppy receives the proper attention and care. Anthony is a native of Jamaica and grew up with 2 dogs, his favorite was rocky a Yorkshire Terrier. Every time we get new Yorkie's in it reminds him of Rocky as a puppy. In his free time he enjoys volunteering with local soccer clubs; he offers plenty of knowledge and support to the players from his experiences in playing soccer throughout his life. He enjoys going to the Columbus Crew games even though they do not compare to Manchester United his favorite soccer club. He looks forward to speaking with you on the phone and helping you select a new family member!

Brent Zimmerman - Online Marketing - Sales - Grounds Crew

Brent has a bachelor's degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University; he has now been with affordable pups since June of 2011. Brent just added his own family member to the world; He enjoys spending most of his free time with his 1 year old daughter sully. Brent grew up with beagles as his father raised and sold many AKC champions as well as won field trials all over the country. His favorite pup that his dad has was named Smeagle; Smeagle the beagle would spend many a nights with Brent on the ball field as Brent loves baseball. All of the ads that you see and entice you to call us is thanks to Brent's countless hours on listing sites. Feel free to tell Brent thanks if you found us through another puppy site. If you come visit our facilities and the grass looks bad or there are weeds make sure to let him know :)

Chris Allen - Videographer - Sales

Chris has a bachelor's degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Chris is the newest member to the team as he started in early 2012. We brought Chris on to provide you with great HD videos to aid in the decision of your future puppy. His work benefits all our customers who do not have the opportunity to come see the puppy in person! Chris is also a native of Jamaica and grew up with a wonderful German Sheppard. He enjoys getting the puppies worked up and ready to be stars in there videos. We have found Chris a trainer so that his legs do not look like chicken legs in all the videos. Please keep an eye out for more definition in the future! If you have any suggestions for the videos feel free to let him know.