Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in Ohio

Shih Tzu puppies history

Shih tzu is an old breed, that is said to have descended from crossing the Lhasa Apso or Tibetan mountain dog and Pekingese, in the city of Peking in the 17th century. The Shih Tzu puppies appeared in England during the World War II. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969.

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Shih Tzu puppies personality

The teacup Shih Tzu puppies are affectionate dogs who love to spend time with their owners and to sit in their laps. They are happy when they spend time with their family, giving and receiving attention. Besides their affectionate nature, the Shih Tzu puppies are courageous and alert, playful, clever and spunky. The cute Shih Tzu puppies are loyal and gentle and they make easily friends. They respond well to gentle, patient training. They need a consistent pack leader to avoid behavioral issues such as growling, snapping and even biting.

The Shih Tzu puppies living conditions and exercise

A Shih Tzu puppy is good for apartment life. He is a very adaptable dog that can live in a small city apartment or a country home. He is very active indoors and he doesn’t need a yard. But he requires a daily walk outside, although he is not an extremely active dog, being more content to sit in your lap. The Shih Tzu puppy is a housedog and he is sensitive to heat.

The Shih Tzu grooming

The cute Shih Tzu puppies have a long, gorgeous coat that comes in many colors: black, black and white, gray and white, or red and white. Daily brushing and combing is necessary to prevent tangles. Frequent bathing is also a must. The Shih Tzu’s nails should be trimmed monthly and the ears cleaned regularly. Like any other small breed, a Shih Tzu puppy is prone to dental problems, that’s why it’s important to take good care of his teeth. Regular tooth brushing is necessary.

The Shih Tzu puppies health problems

If you want to buy Shih Tzu puppies, you should find reputable Shih Tzu breeders, to avoid genetic health problems. Other health issues Shih Tzu puppies are predisposed are: slipped stifle and spinal disc disease caused by a long back and short legs, ear infections, eye problems or early tooth loss. Shih Tzu puppies tend to snore and can have respiratory problems. But with the proper care and attention, this breed can live about 15 years or more.

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