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Pug puppies history

Pug puppies were originally breed in China and they descend from the Tibetan Mastiff. Pugs quickly become popular pets and they served as guard dogs, scent hounds and fashionable coach footman. They were the favorite dogs of Royal households throughout Europe. In the United States, Pugs were introduced after the Civil War and they were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion in your life, adopt a Pug puppy from a trustable breeder. Affordable Pup has cute, healthy and happy Pug puppies for sale in Ohio and nearby cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown.

Pug puppies personality

If you want teacup Pugs for adoption, you need to know that they have a nice temperament, curious and playful, willing to approach people. Pugs are affectionate puppies, loyal and charming and they strive for human attention. Pugs need constant human companionship. Don’t be surprised if your Pug follows you around in the house, sits in your lap and wants to sleep in bed with you. Pug puppies are sociable, intelligent and calm. They get along well with other children and pets.

Pug’s activity and lifestyle

Pugs are well suited to apartment life, being a small, quiet breed. They are playful and love to romp and play outdoors.  Pug puppies are sensitive to heat and humidity because of their short muzzle. So be careful with the signs of overheating.  They shouldn’t be kept outdoors.

Pug puppies health and care

If you want to buy a Pug puppy, you need to know that he is generally healthy, but like any other breed he can be prone to certain conditions. Pugs are susceptible to eye injuries, scratched corneas and breathing difficulties. They are also prone to obesity, that’s why exercise and a healthy diet are very important. The Pug is also prone to breed-specific Encephalitis known as (PDE). With the proper attention and care a Pug can live up to 15 years.

A Pug puppy needs a low-maintenance, which makes him the ideal dog for busy people or elderly. The coat of a Pug is thick and sheds heavily but brushing and bathing on a regular basis can keep this under control. The proper dental care, keeping the wrinkles, ears and eyes clean are important parts of caring for a Pug puppy.

About feeding Pug puppies

Giving your Pug puppy the right food, in the proper amounts and at the right time, will keep him healthy and happy. He must have a feeding schedule because this breed can quickly become overweight. The amount of food depends on the size, age, metabolism and activity level of your Pug puppy.

The Pug puppy is the largest of toy breeds and the one with the most unique good looking. If you want to buy Pug puppies, find a good breeder to prevent any health problems that are hereditary.  Affordable Pup is a licensed breeder who sells purebred Pug puppies. Our Pugs are home raised and they receive special attention and care. Affordable Pup has cute Pug puppies for sale in Ohio and nearby cities Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown.