Malti Poo Puppies For Sale In Ohio - Buy or Adopt A Puppy

          The Malti Poo puppy is a hybrid breed originated in the United States, obtained by crossing a Maltese puppy and a Poodle puppy resulting in a very cute, affectionate and wonderful companion that fits the lifestyle of every family.

The physical characteristics of the Maltipoo puppy

        The Malti Poo is a small puppy that gets to weigh a few pounds at maturity. The small and elegant body is covered with wavy or curly fur. The puppy’s fur is hypoallergenic that does not cause allergies, does not shed and does not smell. This soft and silky fur can have different colours like white, cream, black, and various combinations of these. The compact body of the puppy is highlighted not only by his fur but also by his large eyes, round and black, with his short pot, little and black nose, make him look like a toy puppy.

The temperament of a Maltipoo puppy

        The Malti Poo is a wonderful result of interbreeding the Maltese and the Poodle. Thus he inherited a lot of nice qualities of the two races. Among them, the Malti Poo puppy inherited the intelligence of the Poodle puppy, and the sweetness of the Maltese puppy resulting in an intelligent and loving companion. These qualities make the little Malti Poo to be educated and trained easily and because it is very sweet and affectionate an ideal companion for anyone who wants to adopt a puppy and especially for families and children containing old people or children, the Malti Poo having the quality to be an excellent therapy dog. The Malti Poo puppy is very lively and playful worshiping to do various tricks to entertain others. It is a puppy who loves his owner whom is very devoted. The Malti Poo puppy is the happiest when it spends time with his owner, he is very happy both with walks and with spending time in his arms.

The living conditions

        The Malti Poo puppy is specially designed for living in the apartment. Being very energetic he needs a lot of walks, exercises and loves to roam the parks. If he is properly educated, he is very sociable and gets along well with other pets. The Malti Poo puppy is highly sensitive am he may suffer from separation anxiety when left alone in the house for long periods. Therefore this must be done slowly for him to get used with the absence of his family and especially of that of his master.

About the food and the proper care of a Maltipoo puppy

        To maintain a healthy Malti Poo, it is very important that you get him a correct nutrition. Being a small puppy he can develop dental disease and premature loss of teeth. To prevent this occurrence and many other conditions, it is indicated that the little Malti Poo puppy to receive two meals a day that should contain mostly dry food. If your puppy has difficulty eating the food you can help him by soaking the beans in warm water. The puppy can receive rice with chicken, vegetables, and wet food designed especially for him. The bones are absolutely prohibited to the Malti Poo puppy’s menu. The food will greatly influence the coat’s appearance. A proper nutrition will make his coat shine. Also, having a wavy coat or even curly, it will need special care. First it will be brushed often to prevent tangles and keep the coat healthy. By brushing will remove the dust and the dirt that the little Malti Poo’s fur gathers during walks. The fur will be washed at least once a month with special shampoo for his coat to prevent degradation. The Malti Poo puppy needs haircuts a few times a year. The fur around the eyes will be trimmed more frequently to keep the area clean, especially because the Malti Poo may tear excessively. The nails will be cut to about two weeks and always cleaned his ears to keep it healthy. The Malti Poo will also need brushing to prevent the premature loss of teeth. You can maintain healthy teeth with bars specifically designed for this, which you can use to reward him. A properly cared Malti Poo has a life expectancy up to 13 years.

About the MaltiPoo puppy’s health

        Being a puppy obtained by artificial crossing, the Malti Poo can have fewer health problems if the mating is done correctly and using perfectly healthy specimens. But if not done correctly the pairing, the Malti Poo puppy can inherit a lot from his parents illness, such as epilepsy, Portosystemic Shunt is abnormal flow of blood between the liver and the body, dislocation patellar syndrome Shaker White, eye problems and allergies. These can be avoided by choosing the right breeder when you decide to adopt a puppy.

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