Teacup Malti Pom Puppies For Sale In Ohio

       The Malti Pom puppies are not purebred dogs, they are obtained by crossing a Pomeranian design with a Maltese puppy. The Malti Pom puppy is the result of combining the pleasant characteristics of the two races.

The Physical characteristics of the Malti Pom puppy

        The Malti Pom puppy is being framed in the group Small toy that gets to weigh around 4 pounds at maturity. The Malti Pom puppy stands out with his fur, a very successful mix between very fluffy fur of the Teacup Pomeranian puppy and the silky wavy coat of the Maltese puppy. The Malti Pom puppy fur is hypoallergenic one that does not cause allergies to those who are sensitive to animal dander, which also does not smell and does not shed , which can be white, orange -red, brown and black. The tiny Malti Pom has small ears and high, can also almond - shaped eyes and black as the Pomeranian’s or rounded as the Maltese’s, with a short and straight pot.

The Malti Pom puppy’s temperament

        Like his parents, the Malti Pom puppy is an excellent companion, lively and playful who loves long walks with his owner. It is an intelligent and easy to train, educated and eager to learn always new tricks. You must use a warm and calm tone when you try to teach him a command and also to give him rewards which they love. The Malti Pom puppy is a gentle and devoted to his master that he loves very much worshiping to stay always in his company. Also, little Malti Pom can develop separation anxiety when the owner misses for a long time, so it should be taken to gradually adjust to the master's long absence.

The living conditions for the little Malti Pom

        The Malti Pom is a puppy that perfectly adapts to living in an apartment. He does not need a lot of space and because of his physical characteristics and behavior he is perfect for families and especially for those who are composed with children (the Malti Pom puppy is a perfect companion for them). The Malti Pom is a social dog and will understand very well with other pets in the house.

About feeding and caring the Malti Pom puppy

        Being a puppy toy, the Malti Pom requires feeding mainly based on dry food because it will protect and clean his teeth, toy puppies are prone to premature loss of teeth. Therefore, the Malti Pom puppy will need regular checks, supplements teeth and cleaning sticks to prevent tooth decay and plaque installation. Bones should not be found in the menu of a Malti Pom puppy. The fur should be brushed daily to prevent tangles and to keep it clean and healthy. The puppy should be washed only with special shampoos and for the fur’s health it is recommended to use dry shampoo as possible. The Malti Pom puppy’s fur should be trimmed several times a year. The puppy eyes and ears should always be cleaned and the nails must be cut every 2 - 3 weeks. To protect his eyes, and to have a cute look the hair around the head can be caught with a clip.

The Health and the weaknesses of a Malti Pom puppy

        Being a hybrid, the Malti Pom puppy will be prone to diseases that parents may suffer. This think can be avoided through proper cross with perfectly healthy specimens. If the crossover is not performed correctly, the Malti Pom puppy is prone to diseases such as heart problems, eye infections, skin allergies, dental disease and respiratory.

        If you have decided to adopt a puppy Malti Pom, you must be very careful from whom you buy him. Being selective when doing this you can avoid that the little puppy you have bought to suffer from these disorders. You must choose only licensed breeders that can give you details about the family’s dog. Such a breeder is Affordable Pup which is a breeder with tradition, Affordable Pup sells Malti Pom puppies in Ohio and nearby cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown. This puppies are raised in the best conditions.