Cavachon Puppies For Sale In Columbus Ohio

Things to know about Cavachon Pups

         The Cavachon puppy is a new hybrid breed, but very popular, which originates from America and have as parents the sweet and gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the playful Bichon Frise, being a perfect companion for anyone.

           The Cavachon breed is recently born, and you can be sure of the authenticity of the breed only if you buy your puppy from an original breeder, like Affordable Pup, the Cavachon puppies are selled in Ohio and the nearby cities such as: Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown.

         The Cavachon is a small size dog, with a height of up to 40 cm and a weight that can reach up to 8 kg, has a fluffy fur, tress, soft an silky inherited from the Bichon, which can have a variety of colors, such as: red, brown, orange, black and white, most often, or combination of these colors of stains like the Cavalier.

        This playful and lively pup is very friendly, loving and jovial, it loves to do various tricks, especially to entertain those around it, also likes to bark a lot. It is very affectionate with its master whom it likes to spend time, to walk or to play.

        The intelligence is another feature of this breed, which makes these pups very easy to train, because it likes to do tricks, our attitude should be a firm one, that you must be consistent and patient.

        The Cavachon puppy needs haircut once a month or every two months, depending on the season and the climate of the area where it is grown. Even if it is cut short, its coat should be brushed frequently to avoid tangles. It must be brushed since it is just a pup, so it gets used with it and will not become a chore for it, it can associate brushing with a time massage and caress, as time goes by it will be a pleasant moment.

        The Cava Chon puppies fur being predominantly white, it must be regularly cared and washed. This breed is not very friendly to the cold, so we have to protect it and put it a jacket on cooler days. You have to check and clean periodically the ears, the area around the eyes, because it gets watery or dirty and the fur shall be stained, also, being a toy dog’s breed you must pay attention to dental hygiene to prevent tooth loss that is why, we can protect them by brushing or by administration, if it is possible, only dry food, it helps it in maintaining her mouth healthy.

        The Cavachon is a dog who loves to eat but we must be careful what we give it and how much to prevent the inconvenience of an obese dog. We think you would not want a fat, obese dog around! Therefore we will give it just two meals a day and we make sure that he makes enough exercises, playing with it and us walking it daily.

        The Cavachon puppy has a life expectancy of up to 12 years, generally, is a healthy breed with relatively few health problems. If its ancestors have a good track record, it is ok, otherwise, it would inherit various ailments, such as heart disease, hip dysplasia, eye or ear problems, which could inherit from the Cavalier, and from the Bichon diseases such as: epilepsy or flea bite allergies.

        Besides it is important from what person we buy the Cava Chon puppy so as to be sure that it has healthy parents, it has been kept in good conditions, it is important to offer it a long and healthy life. Let it grow in its own environment with quality healthy food and take it to the vet regularly for routine checks.

        However, the Cava Chon puppies will enrich everyday of your life with happiness! The originals Cava Chon puppies for sale in Ohio are only on AffordablePups.