Bella & Remmy (Rose&Toby)) Havanese

Bella & Remmy (Rose&Toby))

Bella & Remmy have been the biggest joy my family could ever ask for. When you get a new toy, you play and play and play with it until it gets old. I have been expecting that Bella and Remmy would eventually "get old". They never do. There love fills you up and makes you grateful. I look at them everyday wondering if Ill ever be able to be like "Ok doggies its you again its a normal day." But it just never happens. I wake up to the happiest dogs that are just bursting to see me, that I usually tear up because Im so happy. I tend to write reviews every so often and i do this mostly so the people at affordable pups know that there dogs are in good hands, that couldn't be more grateful to have two dogs who learn and grow with each other and with myself. Thank you very much. Gabby & Beca

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Teddy Bear Puppies For Sale In Ohio, Order Online From AffordablePup

Take home a healthy pup from the certified breeders AffordablePup. Wonderful, cute baby Teddy Bear puppies for sale. See images, videos here.
  • Mittens

    Teddy Bear

    Mittens knows that she is very good looking. All eyes go to her the moment she walks in the room. Mittens has been fully checked by our vet and is all ready to go. Give us a call at 614-859-2025. [more info]

    10 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 7-14 lbs


    BUY our Teddy Bear  PUPPY MITTENS FOR ADOPTION!!! - 10 week old Teddy Bear
  • Harold

    Teddy Bear

    Harold is one of our Teddy Bear PUPPIES FOR SALE IN OHIO!!! Harold is our handsome Teddy Bear with a heart ready to love your family. He will steal your heart with his happy energy.He is all up to date on his shots and ready to go! Shipping is $275 to anywhere in the US, Or $50 for local pickup ... [more info]

    Harold is our Teddy Bear PUPPY FOR ADOPTION!!!!
    10 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 7-14 lbs


    Harold is our Teddy Bear PUPPY FOR ADOPTION!!!! - 10 week old Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale - Shih Chon Pups - Shih Tzu/Maltese Puppy

     The Teddy Bear puppy origins

       The Teddy Bear puppy is a hybrid breed, obtained from the crosses of several pure breeds such as the Schnauzer and the Poodle but most commonly at its base stay as parents The Shih Tzus breed and the Bichon Frise breed, it is called so because it is small and fluffy.
        This breed is new, part of the canine world since 2000 but was not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC), but in the future the American Kennel Club will recognize it as an official race but as the Zuchon.

      Details about Teddy Bear puppies

        These little pups remain little also to adulthood, when it reaches a maximum height of 12 inches and its weight will vary between 5 and 6 kg. It has a fluffy coat that requires often brushing, washing and especially often trimming to prevent tangles. It has a round face with big eyes, tender and black as the brambleberry, a small and flat nose, long and droopy ears, a puffy short tail and a round and fluffy body, traits that make it worthy of the name it bears. Its fur is of different colors, each copy of puppy of the breed is unique. If it are well cared for, the Teddy Bear puppies have long life, reaching 15 years.

        About the puppy’s temperament

        If you decide to adopt a Teddy Bear puppy, first of all, you must know its temperament and features to see if it is a dog that suits you. The Teddy Bear dogs are very intelligent and therefore are very easy to train, especially as it would do anything to its master’s grace. It are also stubborn and so you must be careful what methods you choose when you try to educate it. Try to be gentle and patient to have positive results. It are very affectionate with its family, in time will form a very strong bond, it will love all the members equally and it will be very loyal. It is very sociable, both with people and other pets. It are by nature sporty and playful but we must be careful not to overstate to hurt it. 

       About the Teddy Bear’s health

        Because it is a hybrid breed and parents are exemplary and therefore careful selected and healthy, the Teddy Bear is a lucky puppy that has quite a few health problems, especially if it well cared for. Because it is a toy breed it can suffer from specific diseases this breed has, such as dental problems. If it receives a quality dry food and it is brushed often these issues do not affect it. The characteristic of this breed is the trachea sensitivity which is small and thin and it is recommended to use during the walks a harness instead of the classic collar classic that may push and flatten the trachea that can lead to a premature death. It may have a little trouble breathing if it is kept at high temperatures, as it a dog which does not prefers excessive heat. Also a good hygiene can prevent many diseases. You need to brush it, wash it, to wash its feet, clean its ears, and wash its pot and the fur around the eyes and more.

        If you decide to buy a Teddy Bear puppy, you must know that it is perfect for all the families and especially those with children, it is a dog that does not shed and does not smell and its coat is hypoallergenic.

These Shih Chon pups can be purchase with great confidence on the official website Affordable Pups, which is a reliable breeder guarantees the authenticity of Terry Bear breeds and sells these wonderful puppies in nearby cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown.

       Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Ohio are obtained from a selective breeding, very well cared for and having all the attention needed to be some healthy specimens.


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