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Norman and Pierre Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Norman and Pierre

AFFORDABLEPUP.COM REVIEW and TESTIMONIAL I have had the best experience with Affordablepup and recommend it to everyone! The purchasing was very easy and the shipping is extremely convenient. I bought my first pup, Norman in March 2011 and I can honestly say it was love at first sight. I was in my last semester of college and he was just the companion I needed. He is the perfect dog between his amazing temperament and manners, he is so smart, and could not be more loveable. When he was about to turn 1, I wanted to get him a brother so I began looking and couldn't resist when I found little Pierre (formerly Charles) in November 2011. Pierre is much different than Norman, but he is the happiest dog I've ever met. Pierre is more independent and is constantly looking for toys. They are the best of friends and are truly angelic. I want to thank Affordablepup for bringing me such joy in these puppies- I had dogs as a kid but I never knew how much happiness they can truly bring to a home. My two dogs are so amazing and I love watching them grow every single day- thank you SO much for running such a wonderful business.

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Parti Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale in Ohio | Affordable Pup

Teacup and purebred Parti Yorkie Puppies for sale in Ohio on affordablepup.com. Come on in and view our gorgeous parti yorkies. We are a parti yorkie breeder located in Ohio.

About Parti Yorkshire Terrier puppies

The Parti Yorkie was created in United States of America from Yorkshire Terrier puppies that carried the parti gene color. To obtain a Parti Yorkshire Terrier puppy, both of the parents must carry the parti-color gene. Parti Yorkies are a unique breed and they have an impressing coloring. The Parti Yorkie is the colored version of the Yorkshire Terrier puppies, and the result of crossing two Yorkie puppies with the parti-color gene.

A Parti Yorkshire Terrier is registered as any Yorkie, the only difference is where it states color: a standard yorkie will be marked as black/tan and gold/tan and the Parti Yorkie will be marked as Parti.

 If you want teacup Parti Yorskhire Terrier puppies for sale, you can find at Affordable Pup breeder, the most beautiful and playful puppies.  Buy your favorite pup in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Ohio.

Parti Yorkies personality

If you want to adopt a Parti Yorkie puppy, you should know that he has the classic Yorkshire Terrier personality. Parti Yorkies are affectionate, playful, loving little guys that enjoy being with their humans. They are happy and amusing companions, sweet and loving.

Parti Yorkies are easy to train, although sometimes they can be stubborn if their masters don’t give them the proper boundaries. They can be difficult to housebreak, but with consistency and patience, they will learn this process.

Partie Yorkie lifestyle and exercise

If you are looking for a Parti Yorkie for sale, you must know that he is a good dog for the apartment life. He doesn’t need a yard, being very active indoors. Parti Yorkies prefer warm climated and they are sensitive to the cold. They are active puppies and they need a daily walk. Look at the video below:

Parti Yorkies grooming and care

Parti Yorkies are purebred Yorkies, having all the special personality traits of a Yorkie, with the benefit of their gorgeous, distinctive color. Instead of having the traditional black/tan and gold/tan colors that are most commonly seen in the Yorkshire Terriers, a Parti Yorkie always has a white base with area's of one or two other colors. A tri colored Parti Yorkie is white, black/tan, and gold/tan. A Golden Parti Yorkie is white and gold. A Chocolate Parti Yorkie is white and brown. 

Like the Yorkshire Terrier, the coat of a Parti Yorkie can end up very long and requires a periodic trimming. Also, it can easily become matted so you need to comb him on a regular basis. Part of the Parti Yorkie grooming are trimming the nails, brushing his teeth and cleaning his ears. All these should be done regularly to maintain your puppy in a good shape.

If you are looking for Parti Yorkie breeders, Affordable Pup is a breeder who only breeds purebred Yorkie puppies. Our puppies for sale in Ohio are home raised and well socialized. Find a great addition to your family by adopting a teacup Parti Yorkie puppy. Affordable Pup is a great breeder located in Ohio with cute Parti Yorkies for sale in Ohio and near Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown.


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