Buckley (Toby) Morkie

Buckley (Toby)

We were a bit skeptical about buying a puppy online but I cannot express how glad we were when we got our bundle of love! We had him shipped to Philly and picked him up in record time. We followed all the directions that were given to us and he was right at home in no time! The staff was extremely helpful even after our millions of phone calls! We could not be happier! Thank you Affordable Pup and staff!!

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Ohio's Affordable Pup is your one stop source for a wide selection of Morkie pups for sale. We are a large puppy adoption website featuring AKC registered mix breed puppies like Teacup Morkies.
  • Teacup-Johnny


    Teacup Johnny is our MORKIE PUPPY FOR ADOPTION NEAR COLUMBUS OHIO!!!! This little guy loves running around the house with Christmas music playing and good cookies smelling up the room. He is all up to date on his shots and ready to go! Shipping is $275 to anywhere in the US, Or $50 for local ... [more info]

    8 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 5-6 lbs


    BUY our TEACUP MORKIE PUPPY JOHNNY!!! - 8 week old Morkie
  • Micro-Teacup-Sierra


    BUY OUR MORKIE SIERRA...SHE IS PERFECTION...AVAILABLE JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Micro Sierra is as small as a Morkie pup can come. This little girl will get all the attention in your neighborhood.She will be under 4lbs as an adult.She is all up to date on her vet checks and vaccines and ready ... [more info]

    Micro Teacup Sierra is our AMAZING SMALL MORKIE!!!!!!
    8 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 4 lbs


    Micro Teacup Sierra is our AMAZING SMALL MORKIE!!!!!! - 8 week old Morkie
  • Teacup-Tara


    Tara will melt your heart the moment you meet her. She is the best of both worlds because of her Yorkie dad and Maltese mother.She is all ready for the holidays. Give us a call at 614-859-2025. [more info]

    Teacup Tara is our MORKIE PUPPY FOR ADOPTION!!!
    8 weeks old, Registration: None , Adult Weight: 5-6 lbs


    Teacup Tara is our MORKIE PUPPY FOR ADOPTION!!! - 8 week old Morkie



             The Morkie pup is a brand new breed, hybrid, practically, the result from crossing the pure Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie puppies breed with Maltese puppies breed. The Morkie pup presents the characteristics of both breeds, having the advantage that through the crossing it has been created a healthy puppy while the negative features of the parents have been eliminated and the positive ones have been emphasized. In our opinion, the Morkie puppies breed has perfect features.

              If you want to buy or make a gift a Mokie puppy, Affordable Pup is a breeder of the purebred Morkie, which they sell in Ohio and the nearby cities such as: Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown.

            The York-Tese Puppies are a small size pups, having a weight which varies between 4 and 8 kg, a fur which has different colours, it inherited the white colour from the Maltese while the black and brown are from the Yorkshire Terrier, a height that reaches till 22 cm. It is a longevity dog’s breed, it can live up to 15 years because, being a pure breed, it has the advantage not to suffer of genetic diseases.

            It is a lovely pups, loyal and obedient to its master to whom it will tie an endless friendship, because it does not like the loneliness, make sure that it will stay all the time accompanied. It will suffer enormous when its master is not with it, and that is why, if you buy or adopt a Morkie puppy, take care of it, be with it, appreciate and love it!

The Morkie puppies are sociable, very affectionate, its get along well with other dog’s breeds or other pets, inheriting from the Yorkshire the intelligence, being easily to train, very friendly and active.

            You must train Morkie puppy because it has a strong behaviour and in the future it will try to dominate you, you must learn it from the start who is master. It enjoys long walks and playing games, mostly with its master, it helps you end all of your energy. It must be exhausted while it stays at home because if it is bored, sad, wants to revenge or to play it will chew all your house things.

            These Morkie pups adapt very easily to any kind of environment, it are perfect for living in an apartment and are the perfect company. It loves to play and to stay around kids, but tell them that in spite the fact that it looks like a toy it is not, and so do no let them hurt your little friend.

            It has a silky hair that does not ever falls, being a perfect pet for the allergic people. One more advantage, no hair means, no dirty house! Anyway, it must be periodically cut, mostly in the eye and ear areas, around all the legs, it must be also brushed to avoid tangles. By brushing puppy, its hair will be cleaner and must do it because during the walks it will have a lot of nasty things attached. It must be washed regularly, using a special shampoo for it, eventually with an action against fleas. Being a toy breed, give a special attention to its teeth because otherwise it will lose them from a young age.

            Offer it only quality food, special for toy puppies, so as to help it having perfect teeth. Of course, you should use dry food.

            The Morkie breed is prone to diseases like: cataracts or glaucoma, heart problems, etc. That is why, we recommend when you adopt a Morkie puppy, you should inquire about its parents, their past and their history as family, so as to find out which are the diseases it is prone to. You must have a healthy dog near you because healthy means happy and further a very happy family!

              If you love Morkie breed, the Teacup Morkie Pups are for sale in Ohio and you can buy from the Affordable Pup with confidence, we guarantee you will buy happy and healthy puppies.

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