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Hercules - formerly Beckam Yorkshire Terrier

Hercules - formerly Beckam

We couldn't be happier with our adorable little new member of the family - Hercules! He was so tiny when we got him off the plane that I was scared to pick him up but WOW - he has plenty of spunk and is not nearly as fragile as he looks. He is the sweetest, funniest little guy ever. My biggest fear was buying a pet from an online source but after being able to view a video of him online to talking with the Owner, Mike, I was pretty confident that we were doing business with the right company. Well, I am here to tell you that we were right! Affordable pup has been great to deal with and we have a healthy, beautiful, new addition to our family and could not be happier! Thanks Affordable Pup for making me feel confident enough to go ahead and take a chance.....I will be forever grateful!

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Maltese Puppies For Sale and Adoption In Ohio

AKC Teacup Maltese puppies for sale in Ohio, vet checked and adorable. Buy or adopt a Maltese puppy in Ohio, nearby Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Johnstown.

  • MicroTeacup-Sugar Maltese Puppy

    AVAILABLE NOW. This little girl is going to stay under 5lbs full grown as an adult. She is AKC REG. Sugar loves being around kids and anyone that will love up on her. She is ... [more info]

    Micro-Teacup SUGAR is our MALTESE PUPPY FOR SALE!!!
    9 weeks old, Registration: AKC , Adult Weight: 5 lbs


    Micro-Teacup SUGAR is our MALTESE PUPPY FOR SALE!!! - 9 week old Maltese
  • Teacup-Hunter Maltese Puppy

    Puppies for sale - Click here to make an offer!

    AVAILABLE NOW. Hunter has great black points for a Maltese puppy. His black points and size make him a very nice puppy. He is very excited for a new loving family to bring him ... [more info]

    Teacup Hunter is our MALTESE PUPPY AVAILABLE!!!!
    9 weeks old, Registration: AKC , Adult Weight: 5 lbs


    Teacup Hunter is our MALTESE PUPPY AVAILABLE!!!! - 9 week old Maltese


The History of Maltese Puppies

        The Maltese puppy’s origins are not well known but is supposed to be about the Melita town from Sicily or about the Meledic Island from the Adriatic. Its name means ''refuge'' or ''port'' being used in the past as a help in hunting rats that have been crawling through deposits or commercial vessels and received its official Maltese name in 1888 at a canine exhibition in America.

The physical characteristics of the Maltese Bichon

          The Maltese Bichon is a small puppy, looking like a toy dog with big, round and black eyes, with a large, black and fleshy nose that looks like a button, which can reach a height of 20 - 25 cm and a weight of 2 - 3 kg. It has a white, long, smooth and silky fur, witch resembles with the velvet when touching it.

Life conditions

           The Maltese Bichon puppy is small and delicate which makes it perfect for living in an apartment. It does not need long and often walks, it is very happy if it plays at home with its owner. The Maltese needs moderate temperatures, it are very sensitive to low or very high temperatures and in these cases it needs protection.


The relationship with the family and the master

          The Bichon Maltese is devoted dog to its family and owner to whom it infinity loves being the happiest when they spend time together, that makes it a perfect companion for your family. If the family is also formed by children, they should be educated on how to deal with Teacup Maltese.

The Maltese puppy’s temperament

           This dog is sociable with your family, but not very welcoming to strangers. It is intelligent, what makes it easy to be trained, being drawn by the performance tricks and antics, especially, to make its owner happy. The Teacup Maltese is a puppy which likes to be pampered and petted all the time. When the owner is training it, he must have a gentle and firm attitude because the little Maltese puppy is very sensitive to scolding.

About the food and Maltese Teacup’s care

               If you want to adopt a Maltese puppy, you have to be very careful about the food you give it because being a toy dog it is sensitive regarding its teeth and is therefore well to provide quality food, specially created for it because otherwise its fur will turn yellow.
The Maltese puppy should be brushed daily to keep its fur clean and silky, it needs to be cleaned daily around the eyes which weep and so will stain its fur, the ears, the pot and the feet should be washed and cleaned daily, the nails should be cut about at 2 weeks, to make it regularly baths and when the weather is very cold, because it is sensitive to low temperatures, you should clean it with a dry shampoo. Also when is cold is better to protect it, get it out of the house with a coat on it, and, in periods of high temperature, cut short its hair to stand easier to heat. The fur above the eyes should be trimmed often not to get in eyes, but you can also catch it with a clamp that will make the little puppy more sympathetic.

The health and the weaknesses of the Maltese puppy

          If you decided to buy a Maltese puppy you should know what health issues it is prone to tend it better and thus to prevent their occurrence. Being a toy breed, the puppy is prone to dental diseases. Therefore besides dry food that helps maintaining and cleaning the teeth, you can help by brushing it regularly. It has sensitive eyes and is prone to cataracts. It is also prone to allergies, infections in ears and digestive problems.

The Maltese puppy breed is long-lasting if well cared for, so watch it and it will be your companion for many years.

This gracious and affectionate companion can be purchased on the official website AffordablePup who is a breeder of purebred Maltese puppies that sells puppies in Ohio and nearby cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown.

         All, the Maltese puppies for sale in Ohio have received the best care to ensure that they're perfectly healthy specimens.

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