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Dyson Cava Chon


Hello, We have had Dyson since august 29. He has been such an awesome puppy and spirt in my household. We would recommend any one to this breeder and due to the fact we love him. Dyson is now 6 pounds since when we got him at 2 pounds and 4 ounces. I am so proud of this investment we made. Thank you affordable pup!

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Havanese Puppies For Sale and Adoption In Ohio

Trust Affordable Pup for your AKC Havanese puppy. Great verities of Havanese puppies for sale. Visit us now to order from the famous dog breeders near Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Akron, Canton, Youngstown Ohio.

  • Rose Havanese Puppy

    Puppies for sale - Click here to make an offer!

    Rose is always smiling and having a good time no matter what is going on. . She loves being around kids and cannot wait for a new family to bring her home. Give us a call at ... [more info]

    9 weeks old, Registration: AKC , Adult Weight: 8-15 lbs


    Rose is our HAVANESE PUPPY FOR SALE IN OHIO!!! - 9 week old Havanese
  • Oreo Havanese Puppy

    Oreo is one of our HAVANESE PUPPIES FOR ADOPTION NEAR DAYTON OHIO!!!! This little guy will put a big smile on your face the moment you see him. He is all ready for a loving ... [more info]

    8 weeks old, Registration: AKC , Adult Weight: 7-14 lbs


    BUY our HAVANESE OREO PUPPY FOR SALE IN OHIO!!!! - 8 week old Havanese
  • Michelle Havanese Puppy

    AVAILABLE NOW. Michelle has those loving eyes that will suck you in the moment you meet her. Both of her parents are full HAVANESE which give her the looks she has now. ... [more info]

    8 weeks old, Registration: AKC , Adult Weight: 7-14 lbs


    MICHELLE is our HAVANESE PUPPY FOR SALE!!! - 8 week old Havanese


            The Havanese pup it is a breed which comes from the Bichon family, having the origins in the Tenerife Bichon’s breed. His name is given by the Cuba’s capital, becoming the national emblem of the country. You can buy a Havanese pup from the official site Affordable Pup, a professional dog breeder in Ohio, but also in the cities around such as: Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown. The Havanese Bichon is a spoiled puppy, it is accustomed with the luxury life because so it was used to be treated since the breed beginnings, being the favorite dog of the aristocrats and wealthy families.

            The Havanese puppy is a small dog but it is very active and playful, being very affectionate with the children and a true member for the adopted family, but mostly with its master to whom it is very devoted. In spite the fact that it, sometimes the Havanese pup is noisy, it is very sociable, it gets along well with other pets.

            It is an intelligent puppy, the training is easier than you may expect, because it is learning fast different tricks, especially because in the past its have been used in circus shows.

            This small size puppy at maturity will have approximately 22 – 29 cm, a weight of 3 – 6 kg, its fur will be in different colors and combinations. In the past it has been known as “the silk dog”. It is adaptable to any kind of environment and living, it is able to adapt immediately to the master’s lifestyle.

            The Havanese Bichon lives a lot, it can reach sometimes even 15 years, overall is a healthy puppy with few health problems, its common diseases are: ocular anomalies, congenital deafness, patellar luxation, heart problems, hip problems. Their lacrimal glands weep a lot and so you must take a special care to the eye area to prevent infections.  Because of the fact that the Havanese puppies have a long and silky fur, the Bichon must be combed daily to avoid tangles, and also, while walking puppy may gather in its fur a lot of impurities. In the warm seasons the fur must be cut, choose short haircuts, thus it is much easy to take care of it. The beautiful and silky Havanese’s fur has one more advantage, it does not shed and so it is perfect for allergic persons but also for kids whom will not inhale or swallow puppy hair. After bathing, it is recommended drying the fur so as to prevent tangles! The drying will be made at low temperature so as not to harm its fur or its skin.

            This lovely and funny Havanese pup adores staying in the company of it master, walking a lot but the dog accepts with no comments short and frequent walks if it master has no free time.

The Havanese puppies breed adores to sleep a lot but also loves to play, and be sure that, when you arrive home it shall deplete its energy for your good mood.

            The Havanese Bichon because of its sweet appearance, lovely and playful personality, may be the perfect gift to any person. It will conquer your heart in just one second, it is willing to do anything possible, for example funny and playful tricks, for its master or for the audience so as to make them laugh and have a good time, it will integrate fast and perfectly in your family. All it will ever wish is to allow it to be a part of your family and to love it as it loves you. Another characteristic that makes it a perfect companion is that it does not stinks and does not bite. Havanese puppies forming part of "Toy Group" and they were AKC recognized in 1996.

Do not forget, if you want to buy a healthy puppy access Affordable Pup, Havanese puppies for sale in Ohio and you shall not regret it!


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