Hercules - formerly Beckam Yorkshire Terrier

Hercules - formerly Beckam

We couldn't be happier with our adorable little new member of the family - Hercules! He was so tiny when we got him off the plane that I was scared to pick him up but WOW - he has plenty of spunk and is not nearly as fragile as he looks. He is the sweetest, funniest little guy ever. My biggest fear was buying a pet from an online source but after being able to view a video of him online to talking with the Owner, Mike, I was pretty confident that we were doing business with the right company. Well, I am here to tell you that we were right! Affordable pup has been great to deal with and we have a healthy, beautiful, new addition to our family and could not be happier! Thanks Affordable Pup for making me feel confident enough to go ahead and take a chance.....I will be forever grateful!

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  • Teacup-Adrian


    BUY our POMERANIAN PUPPY FOR ADOPTION NEAR CINCINNATI OHIO!!!! Adrian will put a big smile on your face no matter what type of day you are having. He is all ready for a loving family to bring him home. He is all up to date on his shots and ready to go! Shipping is $275 to anywhere in the US, Or ... [more info]

    Teacup Adrian is our POMERANIAN PUPPY FOR SALE!!!!!
    8 weeks old, Registration: ACA , Adult Weight: 5-6 lbs


    Teacup Adrian is our POMERANIAN PUPPY FOR SALE!!!!! - 8 week old Pomeranian
  • Micro-Teacup-Miss-Tiff


    Pomeranian Puppies available for Christmas!! This little girl is going to stay under 4lbs full grown as an adult. She will be perfect for anyone looking for a puppy that will be able to travel everywhere with them. She is ACA Reg and all set to come home. Give us a call at 614-8592025. [more info]

    Micro Teacup Miss Tiff is our POMERANIAN PUPPY!!!
    8 weeks old, Registration: ACA , Adult Weight: 4 lbs


    Micro Teacup Miss Tiff is our POMERANIAN PUPPY!!! - 8 week old Pomeranian
  • Teacup-Larry


    Larry just wants to be loved and cared for by a family with kids. He has a motor that will keep going all day long. He is AKC REG and both his parents are as well. Give us a call at 614-859-2025. [more info]

    8 weeks old, Registration: ACA , Adult Weight: 5-6 lbs


    BUY our TEACUP POMERANIAN LARRY!!!! - 8 week old Pomeranian

POMERANIAN puppies and Pom Pups For Sale in Ohio


      The Pomeranian puppies have its origins in Germany, in the Pomerania region whence its name is given, being a descendent of the German Spitz. This breed has become popular in England, in the 1800 year, when Queen Victoria adopted one. Then, the Pomeranian was looking differently, but by selective mating it changed, it seize has been reduced and the fur grew more, becoming the one from nowadays, a small puppy, with smiling foxy look, just like a toy dog. Affordable Pup is a shop where you can buy purebred puppies, we sell puppies breeds in Ohio and in the nearby cities such as: Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown.

        The Pomeranian’s fur can be white, grey, brown, black or a combination of these colours. This small pup has a height between 17 to 30 cm, a weight which varies between 1.3 to 2.2 kg and if it is raised well it can reach the age of 15 years.

            This small fur peewee with almond and black eyes, tiny and raised ears, sharp pot, black nose and long tail carried on the back has a thick, fluffy and  soft fur.


            The Pom pup is an intelligent dog and willing to learn a lot, it is noisy, playful and energetic mostly with children, brave and vigilant with strangers, it can become aggressive so this is why it should be trained. It may be quite difficult in the start but ongoing, you will see that it is intelligent and joyful and likes to learn tricks, so be patient with it and it will work out well. First of all, you must impose to its, show it you are the boss and you shall not let it dominate, teach it when to bark and also, when to stop, because it is very loudly, you do not wish to have problems, or do you? It likes to bark a lot and without reason so take some preventive measures since the beginning, since it is a puppy, because that is when it forms its personality.

            Being a small dog, Teacup Pomeranian puppies can be a good company for old people, for children, you can walk it with no problems and be happy that your kids will be safe around it. It is bold and even temperamental, it neglects that it is a small one, and it attacks with no second thoughts bigger dogs.

            The Pomeranian pup needs to socialize, it can live perfectly with other pets in the house, it adapts easily to the apartment’s life. It is perfect for busy person whom do not have so much free time!

            It is easy to support, being a very clean dog, it must be brushed and combed once at three weeks and no more often, because the comb will affect its fur. Once a week check and clean the ears, the pot and the paws, cut the fur around them.

            The Pomeranian puppies is a healthy dog, but it may have heart diseases, dental problems (pay attention to the teeth cleaning). It is well known that small dogs are prone and sensible to skin and eye infections. The Pomeranian puppies are some dogs who will love you unconditionally, that will be loyal and devoted to you till death, will do anything is needed to keep you safe and to make you happy. It will conquer your heart and soul with its specific breed tricks, being also a true friend and companion.

            If you liked this puppy breed and you decided to buy a Pomeranian pup, a place where you can do this with confidence is Affordable Pups, Ohio City.

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